2-3-5 L can of Secular Oil - Taste:Delicate Scented

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia EVO) 

The Cima di mola variety is perhaps the oldest among the cultivars of the Mediterranean area, located in particular in the territory of the trulli and caves. In our case the specimens of Cima di Mola are secular, so the harvest is done exclusively by hand, without the use of harvesting machines. It is a now rare variety, present in the territory in very small percentages and is destined for the onerous harvesting costs.ta.

Organoleptic notes: intense and very complex fruity aroma, hints of fresh hazelnut, rocket, radicchio and tomato leaf are perceived. It expresses itself in all its long persistence, is enveloping and releases medium bitter tones.

In the kitchen: ideal in many preparations such as broad beans and chicory, soups, legumes, stews, bruschetta with rocket and tomato.